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Did you Know?

The Solution

Calming Dog Bed for Sleeping

What’s the Story?

It might seem like a coincidence or a random pick, but we call it a fate – Crafting Calming dog bed for our loved canines.

We came across a scientific study where 13,70 canines were tested for problematic behaviour. To our shock, 72.5% of these pets showed one of the many anxiety traits.

While it's tough to believe, the results do put your pet under a huge probability of being one of the affected ones. Scary, isn’t it? That is when we decided to do something instead of just sulking and praying that our pets might be the exception!

That is when we came up with our range of donut dog bed that pretty much do the job fantastically. Since then, we have been working hard to bring more cuddles and spread the smiles to more homes.

The Cuddles Matter

Most of the problematic behaviours that develop in our pets are a sign of anxiety. Some are excessive barkers and others might be destructive. Thankfully, the solution to all these problems can be summed up into a anti anxiety dog bed.

Not just any bed, but a highly proven design, tested for years before reaching you. Our donut dog beds could do wonders in the lives of your canines.

Starting with sound sleep, the product will welcome positive traits and a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. Isn’t that the least we can do for our furry friends?

We Invite You to Our Kennel

With more than hundreds of customers around the UK, we have been able to deliver cuddles to many homes in a very short span of time. While the journey is still long, our motivation makes it seem smaller. And definitely, the faith of our customers keeps encouraging us to do better.

So, we invite you to join our kennel and help us spread love, care and cuddles to even more homes.

Just get our donut dog bed and you will never go back to any other product ever. It will surely make a huge difference in your dogs’ health and lifestyle.

Why Calming Dog Bed UK

Like us, our pets need a soothing long night's sleep to wake up happy and healthy every day. With that in mind, we crafted our donut dog beds that are loved by canines all around the UK.

Removable Cover

Removable Cover

We design our donut dog bed with removable cover which is machine friendly. When the bedding gets dirty, just undo the zip and take off the cover and clean it. Once dry, put it back on the bed.

High Quality

High Quality

Using high quality fabric and well knitted fur, our calming dog bed is highly robust. Unlike low quality beds that leave strands of fur scattered around wherever they stay, our fluffy beds are perfectly crafted to avoid any such problems.



Our calming dog bed is highly portable and easy to carry when travelling. Squeeze it to fit in your boot space or throw it on the back seat. Being lightweight, it is convenient to keep changing its place inside your house, as and when needed.

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