Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed
Official Paw Calming Dog Bed

Official Paw Calming Dog Bed

Looking for a way to keep your dog calm and happy?

Introducing the PAW Calming Dog Bed! This doughnut-shaped bed is perfect for dogs who suffer from anxiety or stress.

The comfortable padding and soft fabric provide a soothing environment for your pup, while the anti-anxiety design helps them relax and enjoy their time at home. Plus, the bright colours will add a cheerful touch to your dog's den. So don't wait any longer, order the Calming Dog Bed today!

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Please refer to the size chart below to find out which bed size will suit the needs of your canine friend. 

The perfect size for your pet is one that allows them to turn around but still leaves enough room for them to feel the sides of the bed when curled up.

If you still have any confusion, contact us to clear your doubts. 

Size Pet Breeds
50 cm (Up to 11 Lbs)
Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese, Puppies
60cm (Up to 17 Lbs)
Jack Russel, Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle
70cm (Up to 28 Lbs)
Poodle, Pug, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier
80cm (Up to 44 Lbs)
English Bulldog, Border Collie, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel
100cm (Up to 77 Lbs)
Labrador, German Shepherd, Grey Hound, Huskie


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Your pet deserves a soft present!

Why Buy a Calming Dog Bed

Anti Anxiety Design

We have developed a high-quality design with comfiest materials that will always keep your pets anxiety-free

Extremely comfortable
Extremely comfortable

We developed our Calming Bed with additional padding and luscious soft faux fur to give your pup a comfortable place to rest.

Removable Cover
Machine Friendly

You don't have to wash the whole bed. Our machine washable covers are simple to remove, making cleaning a breeze.

Benefits of Calming Dog Bed

Relieves Nervous System

Relieves Nervous System

Stuffed with plush material which is highly breathable, our anti anxiety dog beds ensure the highest level of relaxation. This helps relieve the nervous system of the canines and keeps them happy.

Relieves Nervous System

Raised Rims for Sense of Security

Raised rims aren’t just for style, but inculcate the feeling of security among your pets. This reduces the stress levels to keep your furry friends fresh and healthy.

Relieves Nervous System

Extra Padding for Added Comfort

Your pets will feel comfortable and cosy when sleeping inside the calming dog bed. The extra padding and furry coat create a space that seems like home, mimicking the mother’s essence.

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Why Calming Dog Beds UK?


Super soft and extra padding

High-Quality Cotton

Removable & Washable covers

With zipper

Anti-Slip Base

14-day FREE RETURN Guarantee

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Calming Dog Beds UK

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