About us

We at Calming Dog Beds UK create the most comfortable calming dog beds that enhance your pet’s sleep pattern and improve health. With our growing customer base, we take pride in offering amazing products that match customers’ expectations.

Our team have researched the likes dislikes and sleep patterns of pets to craft bedding that feels like home. Without entertaining any negligence, our core values motivate us to bring the best value to our customers.

Flaunting the UK-wide reach, we help deliver the bundle of comfort for your pets, no matter where you live within the country.

Our Mission

“Your Responsibility is Our Aim”

We strive to create an experience for your pets that could impact their health in a very positive way, day in and day out. We do not only aim to make profits but help our customers and make it simpler for them to provide a stress-free life for their furry friends.

Our Core Values

  • Transparent We are always true to our customers and never shy away from offering them the answers they seek
  • Committed – We take responsibility for delivering you the orders on time and in the best condition.
  • Customer-Oriented – We make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers, even if it means going a few extra miles.
  • Integrity – We value everyone who is a part of our company, both customers and employees. And treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • Trust – Our association with our customers is based on trust as we never fail to deliver what we promise.