How Calming Dog Beds Make Pups Feel Close to Their Mothers?

How Calming Dog Beds Make Pups Feel Close to Their Mothers?

Sad but true, we are not the only ones who can suffer from anxiety and stress. Our furry friends can go through a similar emotion. In such difficult times, humans often find peace among their loved ones, especially their mothers. The same way, dogs also long for their mother’s touch. 

That is why calming dog beds are a must have for your loved fur buddies. If your pooch often wakes up at night and barks too much, it must be due to anxiety issues. Getting the right bed from the authentic dealers such as Calming Dog Beds UK can be your best resort. Being market leader in the UK, the brand has got the best products for your pets.

But the question is, how a calming bed can make pets feel close to their mothers. So, let’s understand why.

How the Design of Calming Dog Bed Was Invented?

Before coming up with the calming dog bed official design, the researchers studied canines' sleep patterns. They closely monitored the way pets get into deep sleep. And the answer to this was a close cuddle. 

In other words, dogs like to sleep together with their siblings and mother. This provides them a feeling of security while they can relax in peace for longer hours. However, in our houses, they often have their single beds where they sleep alone. 

This is something the pets are not used to. Hence, they often try to stay in our beds with us. Although we love to make room for our pets, it’s not a healthy habit and makes our canines more dependent on our attention.

To sort this problem out, calming dog bed design was introduced. 

Raised Rims

The calming dog beds have raised rims or sides. Hence, when dogs sleep inside these beds, they feel covered from all around. The feeling of cuddling helps them go to quiet and peaceful sleep in no time. Thus, they do not need your company to take longer naps. 

Even when you are not around, they can find safety inside their beds. This further helps in fighting separation anxiety. And giving your pets enough space to turn sides while still feeling surrounded. 

Faux Fur

Now that they got their cuddles, it is also important that they can feel the warmth of their mother’s touch. And this is made possible by designing the calming dog beds with soft and long fur. 

The high quality faux fur, covering the entire body of the calming dog beds offer great comfort. It feels like the touch of their mother’s fur and puts canines to deep sleep. When they wake up, they feel fresh and free from stress or anxiety.

The Conclusion

Your fur buddies love to be around you. But as pet parents, we must also ensure that they are happy when all by themselves. This is why getting a calming dog bed is very crucial. It isn’t a luxury purchase but a necessary investment. To make sure your pets do not experience mental anxiety. 

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