Calming Dog Bed Reviews - Do These Beds Work

Calming Dog Bed Reviews - Do These Beds Work

Calming dog beds have become one of the most sought-after pet products this year, and for good reason. These cozy beds are made with soft, plush materials and provide excellent support to help your furry friend feel comfortable and secure. However, the question remains: do these beds actually help dogs with anxiety?

To uncover the truth behind this new trend, we delved into the science and tested the original brand, the Calming Dog Bed Official. So, let’s find out the truth about these beds and how impactful these are in maintaining the health of our loved four legged buddies.

What’s the Science Behind the Calming Dog Beds?

Dogs love to burrow and find peace within a closed and secure space to sleep in. You would find dogs finding comfort in their crates, which offers them a sense of safety. Based on the same liking, calming dog beds aim to replicate the same feeling within pets through their well-researched design. 

These beds flaunt a sunken center for snuggling and burrowing, a behavior that many dogs practice for comfort. While the bed's shape promises protection, the fur is designed to provide comfort by appealing to your dog's senses of touch and smell. The manufacturers of the Calming Dog Beds Official suggest that the bed recreates the warmth, softness, and smells that puppies experience when surrounded by their mother and siblings.

The raised sides of these beds offer additional padding for neck and back support, while also creating the impression of a barrier between your pup and the outside world.

Nowadays, there are numerous calming beds available in the market. Although looking similar, not each of these brands offer authentic quality designs for calming dog beds. It is difficult to find a difference looking at the images online. The reason being, these beds follow a similar pattern: a torus (donut) shape with a plush faux-fur exterior, raised sided and extra padding.

That is why, we have reviewed the Calming Dog Beds Official products to find out if they work as intended. And the results were astonishing.

Customer Reviews

In just a short span of time, the official has become the most popular choice among the pet owners. And why not, these beds offer great features to make every dog feel at home. 

Here are some of the reviews we have collected from the customers who have used the beds for their pets.

Bella, a Dachshund - We all know that dachshunds love to curl up. And Bella was no different. The pet owner was too happy to receive the product on time with perfect packaging. From the first day itself, Bella was too excited to use the bed. She would stuff the bed with her toys and play for long hours. According to the pet owner, Bella even started using the beds when she was scared of sounds or alone at home. That said, the bed actually was helping Bella stay calm and sleep peacefully. All because of the raised rims that offered Bella a sense of security.

Max, a German Shepherd - Max is an old dog who had been struggling from joint pain for a couple of months. After sleeping on this calming dog bed, his condition became better. He was no longer finding it troublesome to get up on his limbs. He even walks around the house more often than usual. In short, the bed helped Max fight arthritis pain. Thanks to its extra padding at the bottom.


In conclusion, we can very much agree that the Calming Dog Beds Official has got some of the best products for the pets. These have been effective in reducing stress and anxiety in dogs. 

Designed with features such as raised edges, soft materials, and comfortable padding, provide pets a sense of security and comfort to dogs. Scientific studies and anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that calming dog beds can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety in dogs, such as excessive barking, pacing, and destructive behavior. 

Overall, calming dog beds are a valuable tool for pet owners looking to improve the well-being of their furry companions and create a peaceful and relaxing environment for them to rest and sleep.

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